A Personal Anthem

Write more. Play your guitar as loud as you can until it feels good. Sing in the car. Wear your sunglasses. Wear what you want. Do yoga. Exercise. Drink water. Eat healthy. Plan your trip to San Diego. Let it consume you until the “looking forward” self is your authentic self. Fill that part of your soul that longs. Look at the stars. Go outside. Run. Play even more guitar. Get those new strings you’ve been wanting. Read more books. Classics. Highlight them. Post new things. Post what you want to post. Get the tattoo. Grow a plant outside. Look at the sunlight. Keep in the sunlight. Especially when you become overwhelmed with doubt and uncertainty. Especially when depression hits, if it does. Blast the music. Open your windows. Be in the moment. Be what you’ve been wanting to be.


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