June 28, 2016

Nostalgia is funny. You’ll find yourself in a moment and you’ll be reminded of similar moments from the past. A smile might find its way to your face at the irony of time or even from recognition of the strange ways that the universe works. Either way I think that these moments are essential to letting go and moving forward. For so many of these past months I have been caught up in things that are only going to be leaving and changing. Not to say that change isn’t great, but it’s time to move forward into the next chapter of my life without feeling the need to “look back” like I have always done. I am ready to move forward with nostalgia lingering in the moments and times that I’ve cherished here, but sadness will not have its place this time. There is so much importance in actually living for the moment and acknowledging that these moments are what you are going to be looking back at, cherishing and missing. I know better than to take advantage of these times any longer. I have an endless amount of opportunities ahead of me and it would be against everything I believe in to not take advantage of doing exactly what I want to do next. And yes, I will look back. I will always look back; there’s no getting around that. But unlike the previous chapters of my life, I will look back to this one with a heart full of gratitude.


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