See You Soon (Live In Sydney) – Coldplay

You know those moments? The ones where you’re laying in the bath tub late at night with a song playing in the background and out of nowhere comes a memory. When times were “good” or where you considered yourself happy. Those moments growing up with your friends when you were figuring out what and who you were. Not even caring where you were going because you were so caught up in the discovery of yourself and the relationships with everyone that you thought was your whole world at the time. Those moments when you’re walking around your hometown on a snowy afternoon and find yourself resting your head on the shoulder of your best friend. That song starts making more sense. You look back on these moments and remember them as “back then” or “the good days” when in reality those days are probably happening right in front of you and you don’t realize it. And in the next 5 or 10 years you will find yourself taking a hot bath with a song playing in the background and you’ll think of these times. The ones you are living right now.

I know it may seem cliché or whatever, but it takes some willpower to realize these moments as they are happening. They’re escaping us and we’re too busy looking back to understand the moments that are right in front of us, happening every day and still will be happening. I am grateful for them and I am grateful for being able to realize this.

Here’s to those moments.


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