The Little Things

  • The 5:00 evening sun that makes the shadows long
  • A hot lavender bath
  • The sound and smell of rain
  • Finding a quote or poem that is everything you feel
  • An acoustic guitar solo blasting through your speakers while driving
  • The sunset
  • The sunrise
  • Realizing a great moment before its over
  • The soft smile that forms when you realize how okay things are
  • Candles
  • Happy goodbyes
  • Hugs that squeeze your soul
  • Reflection of happy moments
  • The first gulp of cold lemon water after severe thirst
  • The feeling after a hard run
  • Running through the rain
  • Summer bridge jumps into the water
  • Driving through the country
  • Hiking
  • A clean car
  • Sunroofs
  • The first sip of wine after a long day
  • The smell of fall
  • Feeling beautiful
  • Coffee shops
  • Reminiscing in a positive light
  • Moments of clarity in the midst of the ups and downs

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